Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual counseling recognizes the inherent interconnection of the spiritual and the psychological--the natural goodness and wholeness of our fundamental nature and the habitual and self-enclosed loops of our conditioned thoughts and behavior.

Gently staying close to how we close down and separate, noticing thoughts and the physical tension that arises, the walls erected to protect the inherent tenderness of our hearts begin to dissolve. Compassion, clarity and understanding begin to inform how we live and the choices we make.

Daily meditation and practice with a local meditation group is recommended and will provide the ground for the unfolding of this spiritual process.

Fees are by sliding scale and are based on each person’s assessment of their ability to pay. Half hour: $50-$65. One hour: $85-$125. (Individual arrangements for a lower fee schedule can be made depending on availability of openings).

"Chris Fortin is a gifted Zen teacher and therapist, and a wise, soulful, human being who knows that there's no way to fully understand another, much less shape his or her life.  This is the point, as i understand it, of this new possibility we call spiritual counseling—that through encountering one another in truth, and with wise compassion, in the context of a spiritual process, change can come—not so much as therapy for wounding (though this might be included), but as inspiration for a whole life's journey."

Norman Fischer, founder and spiritual director of the Everyday Zen Foundation, an organization dedicated to adapting Zen Buddhist teachings to Western culture.


Spiritual counseling is based in an embodied awareness of the felt sense of being alive. Meeting, listening deeply, feeling our way and letting go, we practice simply being with what is.

Offices (maps)

Santa Rosa:
633 Cherry Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Marin County:
333 Miller Avenue, # 7
Mill Valley, CA 94941